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25 Scary Facts About Radiation in Our Everyday Lives

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Most people are familiar with the dangers of radiation. However, there is and has been a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding its effects. A lot of it stems from radiation’s link to nuclear weapons. In fact, even the US government has made some very misleading statements about radiation in the past. For example, after dropping the nuclear bombs on Japan to end World War II, the US claimed that there wouldn’t be any fallout radiation or that it wouldn’t have any negative effects. Unfortunately, it did. Since then we have learned a lot about radiation and its effects on the human body as you will soon see with these 25 intense facts about radiation.

Because of the misinformation in the past, there are lots of people who subscribe to somewhat pseudoscientific beliefs about radiation. While it is true that it can be harmful. And yes, you should avoid getting x-rayed too much. There is more to the radiation story. For example, only ionizing radiation is dangerous. This is the high intensity radiation like gamma rays and x-rays. We are constantly bombarded by electromagnetic waves that simply pass through us or go around us without any harm. These include radio waves, microwaves, and more. Our entire universe is full of radiation. In fact, your TV even picks up some of the radiation left over form the Big Bang! There is no escaping it. These are 25 intense facts about radiation and its crazy effects!

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The crew of a submerged nuclear submarine are actually exposed to less radiation than somebody standing on dry ground. This is due to various factors, including less background radiation.

The power plant at Chernobyl is still emitting radiation and there is a good chance that the containment structure may collapse, leading to even more radioactive emissions.

Due to the high amount of granite used in its construction, Grand Central Station in NYC emits more radiation then what would be allowed even at a nuclear power plant

There is a certain species of fungus in Chernobyl that actually thrives on radiation (Crytococcus neoformans)

The average smoker receives an annual dose of radiation equivalent to about 300 chest x-rays due to radioactive isotopes in the smoke

On December 24 2004, Earth was blasted by the largest amount of radiation ever recorded. It came from a neutron star nearly 50,000 light years away

Bananas are relatively radioactive

Due to cosmic radiation hitting their retinas, astronauts will sometimes see bright flashes when they close their eyes

Pilots and flight attendants are exposed to more radiation in a year than some nuclear power plant workers. For this reason, they are officially classified as “radiation workers”

A small amount of uranium (a handful) has about as much radiation as 10 bananas. We told you those bananas are radioactive!

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