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What Happened to New Artist Radio & Indie Artist Radio?

After 13 years of being New Artist Radio and 4 years of Indie Artist Radio we changed our name to Indie Media Network in August 2016. So after many discussions we wanted to expand even further on this journey we had started many years ago. We decided to step up to the next level and become Indie Media Network!

Independent Media Network is a program that empowers people with independent journalism, information, and media tools in all areas no boundaries.

Indie Media Network is dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent media and to improving the public’s access to independent information sources. We believe democracy is enhanced and public debate broadened when more voices are heard and more points of view are made available.

Now what does this mean? That every Indie Media source can now be excepted from music, arts, news, talk radio, journalism no more restriction on what we can offer to our viewers and listeners.

We have a solution. Indie Media Network after 16+ years of leading this movement for Indie artists, we are continuing our focus of helping the entire Indie Media family with getting their information into the hands and ears of fans and listeners around the world.

While it is free to join the Indie Media family, we also offer several optional enhanced promotional packages for individuals who want to take their media to the next level at unbelievable but true minimal pricing. (See the Optional Promotional Packages section Coming Soon)

To date, former New/Indie Artist Radio has helped hundreds of Bands, Musicians, Artists, Songwriters, and ect. getting their music heard in virtually every corner of the earth. We believe talented independent media deserve to be heard .

Our listeners regularly surf the web while they listen to our Station. Simply put, Indie Media Network is Interactive Radio – Worldwide! We also tape all live shows which are available 24/7 as well via our live stream.

We welcome you to the Indie Media Network Family! We want to thank our artists and listeners for making us the best. We look forward to helping each of our formats achieve their dreams.

The Independent Media Network is a network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth. We work out of a love and inspiration for people who continue to work for a better world, despite corporate media’s distortions and unwillingness to cover the efforts to free humanity.

Indie Media is a collective Of independent media organizations and journalists offering grassroots non-corporate coverage of global and local justice campaigns, activism, and progressive, anti-authoritarian issues.

Independent Media Network is one Of more than one hundred Independent Media Centers across the globe. It is part of a network of collectively run grassroots media outlets committed to moving forward.

The site is designed to promote alternative views whatever they maybe that may counter the corporate media’s distortions. We cover the efforts of groups and individuals to liberate humanity from repression, predatory corporate policies, and oppression based on class, race. gender. ethnicity or sexual identity.

The Indie Media Network  where those who participate are responsible for the Views and facts contained in their stories.

Know about an everyday struggles that corporate media isn’t covering or isn’t covering honestly.

We might be Indie Artist Radio and now Indie Media Network but we will always be New Artist Radio at heart!

TMC – Co-Founder – Indie Artist Radio formerly New Artist Radio

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