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Anything Goes – September 7, 2016

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Hosted by TMC & Dark
In this show TMC & Dark go random and anything goes? And no TMC isn’t stoned she is fresh out of surgery and that makes her a real trooper for the cause! On todays show we discus a little bite of everything with no real structure to what we will talk about next so don’t miss this show…

Show Notes:

Covert video shows dairy cows being attacked

(NaturalNews) The co-owner of Canada’s biggest dairy operation has said that eight of the company’s employees were suspended after an animal rights group released a video showing cows being viciously beaten and kicked in the head repeatedly at the farm in British Columbia.

Imagine nature without man: Five ways humans could destroy civilization as we know it
Nature without man – what a strange mental picture. No kids playing in yards. No cars driving on the streets. No planes flying overhead. Nobody at the coffee shops or the national parks. No hustle and bustle. No farmers. No television. Nobody playing pokemon-go (what a tragedy, right?).

A shocking number of Americans are now stealing meds from their pets
While most pet owners would be extremely hesitant to give their own medication to their beloved animal, it turns out that quite a few people have no qualms about taking meds that were prescribed to their furry friends. If you think this sounds relatively harmless, think again. These people are not only risking their own health; they’re unwittingly putting all of humankind at risk.

First pair of identical twin puppies in history now confirmed
Veterinarian Kurt de Cramer delivered what is believed to be the first ever documented case of identical twin puppies at his practice in South Africa recently. What began as a regular day on the job at Rant en Dal Animal Hospital in Mogale City, ended in history making as de Cramer shockingly discovered two healthy pups sharing one placenta, according to the BBC.

Trendy beets are worth the bite
If you’re looking for a healthy food trend to follow, look no further than the delectable beet. This multi-faceted nutrition powerhouse can be the perfect addition to any meal, and both the root and the greens of this little root vegetable are edible, making it an environmentally conscious choice as well.

University grants students just two hours of free speech per week, only in designated ‘free speech zones’
For the past few years, the Regressive Left has been engaging in a scorched earth campaign in order to prevent anyone on a college campus from saying anything they may potentially disagree with. At a time when authoritarian leftists are shoving absurd beliefs and immoral ideals down the throats of everyone they come in contact with, this is especially troubling. After all, through all of this censorship, they’re still claiming to be the open-minded and tolerant ones. In reality, they trying to suppress the voices of everyone that doesn’t immediately bow down to their beliefs.

Alzheimer’s patient reverses symptoms with daily coconut oil
Cases of Alzheimer’s disease are on the rise. More than 5 million Americans currently suffer from the devastating condition, and it is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Drug-based treatments for Alzheimer’s have been disappointingly ineffective, but there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that coconut oil – a completely natural, inexpensive and widely available product – may be an effective aid in preventing and treating the disease.

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