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Are We A Disconnected Society? October 12, 2016

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Hosted by TMC & Dark
In this show TMC & Dark (Utah MTB) discuss the fact remains that with all devices it is causing ourselves to be divided and not connected.  As well as slowly ruining the quality of social interaction that we all need as human beings.

Show Notes:

Technology is Destroying the Quality of Human Interaction
I had a terrible nightmare the other night. Instead of meeting for a quick cup of coffee, my friend and I spent 30 minutes texting back and forth about our day. After that, instead of going in to talk to my professor during his office hours, I emailed him from home with my question. Because of this, he never got to know who I was, even though he would have been a great source for a letter of recommendation if he had. I ignored a cute guy at the bus stop asking me the time because I was busy responding to a text. And I spent far too much time on Facebook trying to catch up with my 1000+ “friends,” most of whom I rarely see, and whose meaning sadly seems to dispel even more as the sheer number of “connections” I’ve made grows.

In Others News:

Doctors treat patients differently based on their own political views, study shows
Political biases are not hard to find in 2016. Thanks to the rise of the internet and social media, knowing everyone’s in-depth political views has become extremely easy. People whose opinions on political matters you never would have known are now accessible right at the your fingertips thanks to Facebook and Twitter. While this is mostly harmless, new studies show that one’s political views could potentially be a lot more dangerous than we ever expected.

High cost of burials forcing American families to donate their dead relatives to medical schools
Americans are donating their bodies to medical schools in record numbers due to the skyrocketing cost of traditional burials, according to a recent Associated Press story featured by Breitbart. The average cost of a traditional funeral and burial in the United States ranges between $8,000 and $10,000, including the ceremony, casket and headstone.

Huffington Post gets weird: slams ‘strong men’ – promotes ‘sensual photoshoots’ instead
Every time you think the Regressive Left has reached a peak of both incompetence and complete ridiculousness, they prove you wrong in the weirdest fashion imaginable. One of the all-time great offenders of this is none other than the Huffington Post, which has gotten so uncomfortable to read in recent months that it almost feels like a parody of itself at this point. Trying to decipher an article on Huffington Post from an article on The Onion has gotten increasingly difficult — and they clearly don’t seem to be in on the joke.

School demands student undergo a psychological evaluation for pro-Second Amendment project
The Regressive Left has been fighting against the Second Amendment for years now. Despite insurmountable evidence to the contrary, they’ve frequently argued that anyone and everyone who has the audacity to own, use or even defend the existence of firearms is mentally deranged. Due to the numerous terrorist attacks that have occurred in recent months – that were conveniently perpetrated by the radical Islamic terrorism that the left desperately tries to ignore – firearms and the laws surrounding them have been in the news quite a bit lately.

Suspicious deaths continue: 50 bankers, doctors and scientists have died ‘mysteriously’
One of the most significant stories of the past year that hasn’t been covered by the mainstream media is the flood of mysterious deaths surrounding those that threaten to expose a truth of some sort. Whether it be government officials, bankers or doctors, a shocking number of individuals from those respective categories have been found dead under suspicious circumstances within the past year or so.

25-year old student discovers way to kill superbugs without antibiotics
The rise and proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is becoming an increasingly prominent threat, not just here in the states but across the world. In light of this, the search for a means by which to fight these resistant bacteria without the use of antibiotic agents has become of utmost importance.

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