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Blues Artist Michael Quest

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Michael Quest’s latest Blues/Rock CD release “Not Done Just Yet”

Opens with an honest look at reality with the song “Not Dead Yet” tells of the continuing push forward in the face of real and serious circumstances with a back-handed statement of hope. It is followed by “I Just Don’t Have The Blues” which elaborates on other causes that can result in someone having the blues other than just a failed relationship. Track three’s theme “Up Against A Mountain” reflects on the tenacious fight to conquer in spite of insurmountable odds as “Conviction Blues” uses a familiar arrest and detention metaphor to make a point about strong personal conviction.

“I’d Be Empty” reflects upon how life would be without a certain, special personal and speaks positively in spite of it’s slow blues style and features one of Michael’s students Cameron Seebach on the harp. In “Leave It All” Michael uses a consistent repeated lyrical technique speaking on what was accomplished through the passion of Christ. A veiled commentary on modern life and self-interest through questioning introspection is the theme of track seven “Die Tryin’”. “Never Settle” leans toward the 70’s country genre and speaks of someone speculating about running from a relationship destined for mediocrity. “Sink Into Me” speaks of deeply personal desires about communion with another. The final track “B-1-4-5” is Michael’s salute to pure melodic creation expressed on electric guitar and the sophisticated simplicity of the blues progression.



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