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Can You Spell Poison? November 18, 2016

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In this show TMC & Dark (Utah MTB) enjoyed a special commentary by BackToConstitution rant on fluoride is poison! This needs to change and it starts with all of us to make this difference. Water is vital to life and if it’s being poisoned, we have to speak out about it, because we don’t have any choice! Kids are concerned and parents are not informed of the dangers of having five different poisons in our drinking water.

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One Last November – Reason Why

The US Should Ban Water Fluoridation!
They call the poison, ‘medicine’ but there is no doctor involved and the ‘poison’ isn’t pharmaceutical grade medicine! It isn’t even medicine! It’s POISON! Do you understand? Fluoride is poison! Lead is poison! Fluoride is more toxic than lead! Arsenic is poison and you get all three!! You also get cadmium and mercury, both poisons! Is this right? We have to change this! Are you in or not?

Top 6 Toxins That Destroy Your Thyroid
The Thyroid Gland is located in the anterior neck and is one of the largest endocrine glands in the human body that controls sensitivity to other hormones. This gland also controls the rate of use from energy sources and protein synthesis. Did you know that common everyday things can effects the thyroid gland in negative ways?

What Causes Depression/Disconnection Disorder?
It’s the year 2016 and children are targets for depressive disorders and the disconnection continues..In my book, Path to a Healthy Mind & Body, I talk about how we can incorporate habits that will lead us to optimal wellness. Feeding our brain what it needs to stay healthy is essential at any age. Our brain is about 60% fat and 78% water.

Ten mind-blowing, historic events you will likely witness in the next 100 days
About 100 days ago, I correctly predicted what you’re seeing right now across America. On August 30, my Natural News article entitled Chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days… no matter who wins the election, I wrote these words which were widely ridiculed…

San Francisco schoolchildren now subjected to ’emotional terrorism’ by shockingly vile teachers union lesson plan rooted in HATE
In an extraordinary abandonment of education ethics, the dominant teachers’ union in San Francisco — the United Educators of San Francisco — has unleashed a “Lesson Plan on the November 2016 Election” that replaces education with the shockingly vile HATE indoctrination…

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