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Chem Snot: Falling From The Skies What Is This? October 20, 2016

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In this show TMC & Dark (Utah MTB) talk about theses cotton like substance falling from skies. They are not spider webs and we need to get to the real facts of what they are, and why they are spraying this on the population. Many people from all over say it has a very different texture like oil based. The only question is what is this?

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Chemtrail jelly falling from the sky in ulster ny
This jelly substance fell from the sky after a really hard rain today. I’m gonna save part of it and let the other piece finish melting. It is not and ice cube as it looks, but has more of a clear jelly feeling. May be from chemtrails.

Chemtrail Webs Falling from a Blue Sky, Texas
This is amazing video of Chemtrail “webs”, floating about 200 feet off the ground. I’ve never seen any thing like it. This is an exact repeat of my previous Chemtrail Web video, one week earlier, but this time, I’m looking at the the webs before they reach the ground.
My trees are covered with webs again, a week after the first video. These MUST be NEW fibers, since I had torrential rain, and strong winds, during the last week. Just like a week ago, the temperature was 70 F, and the humidity was 20%, and winds were calm, while these webs were falling.

Sticky String Rains out of the Sky & Falls on City!
A Lady in traffic sees all this white spider web stuff falling from sky. She realizes she had heard about this on facebook and she soon becomes completely engrossed with checking it out. She plays with it and its all over her hands and cloths. I wonder if she has heard of Morgellons?

KSBY 6 Reports on “Cotton Like Fibers” From Sky People Claim It’s Sprayed by Airplanes
So, a rather strange thing happened around the Central Coast yesterday, with Cotton like or spiderweb like fibers falling from the sky.
The news even mentioned that a number of people thought the fibers or webs were being sprayed by airplanes. This is a departure from the normal, as they have now caved into the growing number of people locally who know about Chaff/Weather modification or geoengineering and are more skeptical about the bizarre happenings in the sky.

CO2 levels on earth just crossed a dangerous threshold for the first time in 4 million years

Now that the Paris climate change accords have been agreed to by the world’s two biggest carbon dioxide emitters – the United States and China – many environmentalists and climatologists are hopeful that the earth won’t warm, on average, more than 2-3 degrees F by the 22 nd century. But there may not be much reason to be hopeful.

If you’re RAPED by a Bill Clinton, the media will just claim you had a ‘relationship’ with him
There are so many “open secrets” regarding the sexual conduct (and misconduct) of the “high-minded” governing elite in Washington, D.C., that it’s hard to keep up with all of them . One of the more lurid and troubling figures whose behavior is well-known to Washington insiders, as well as the generation of Americans who came to age during his term in office, is former President Bill Clinton.

The U.S. has created a ‘monster’ it can’t control by arming Syrian jihadists
Anyone with half a brain could have guessed that giving firearms to Syrians would end up being a huge mistake, which is exactly what has ended up happening. Despite the federal government’s insistence that all of these people are polite, soft-spoken sweethearts, history has proven that many of them have violent ideas that directly conflict with such a ridiculous statement.

Doctoral student claims superiors made him falsify records on GMOs
A doctoral student from a prestigious Chinese university has claimed that a national GMO testing center has actually been forging maintenance records on dozens of GMO projects for years. China’s Ministry of Agriculture has promised to open an investigation into the PhD student’s allegations.

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