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Corruption Deceitfulness and Power Are You Really Wanting More October 5, 2016

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Hosted by TMC & Dark
In this show TMC & Dark (Utah MTB) discuss why do people in general want more of of all negativity in their lives. Why does everyone think everything is all good in the neighbor. Are we ready for what is to come? Start making the difference within yourself.

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In Other News

5 times the US has helped ISIS
A bombing attack in Syria killed more than 160 people, 60 considered to be fighting ISIS, in mid-September. In turn, this left a newly developed ceasefire in Syria in a state of concern for Russia as it was performed without approval of the United Nations nor the Syrian regime .

Used coffee grounds can help filter contaminated water
In today’s toxic world it’s best to have at your disposal a number of ways in which you can filter your food and especially your water. There is the conventional way – with a filter designed specifically for that purpose – and there are unconventional ways that you can use daily or on the fly. Count used coffee grounds as a one of the latter, organic and otherwise.

More PROOF the FBI conspired with the Clintons to cover up their crimes
The evidence is clear: The FBI has been completely politicized during the current administration, and it’s going to be difficult for the nation’s top federal law enforcement agency to ever earn back its once-stellar reputation. And who is to blame, you ask. None other than President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other top democrats.

Orlando shooter phone call reveals jihadist intentions, censored by feds
The Orlando nightclub shooting was one of the most horrific and disgusting events in modern American history. As is always the unfortunate case when it comes to sickening terrorist attacks, a number of revelations have been brought to the attention of the American people long after the fact — after the federal government tried and failed to keep them a secret.

Natural Treatments for Diabetes
Undeniably, the number of diabetics is increasing dramatically. Scientifically known as diabetes mellitus, diabetes indicates high blood sugar levels. In general, diabetes is divided into 3 main kinds: type 1, type 2 and type 3. Also, diabetes includes another type called gestational diabetes which takes place only in pregnant women. During the time of diabetes, it is easy for patients to feel hungry and thirsty all the time. Also, diabetics may deal with remarkable weight loss and poorer vision without clear reasons.

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