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For Lack of A Better Lie – August 23, 2016

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Hosted by TMC & Dark
This week we take time to work out the bugs in our live broadcast and fine-tune a bit of the show so we can bring you an honest view of the news that is affecting your live with solution instead of fear. Dark also brings an alien conversation into the mix so don’t miss this show!

Show Notes

How science is fabricated
The mainstream media has mastered the fabrication of science. The mainstream media, not only being a shill for the pharmaceutical industry, regularly reports on the “dangers” of herbal remedies and supplements. But, what is the reported number of people who have died from using herbs and supplements?

Top 5 ways you can use Eucalyptus to treat diseases: chicken pox, influenza, and more
One of the most useful oils when it comes to medical treatment and overall health maintenance is eucalyptus, and because of that, many people who prep for hard times ahead stockpile it for emergency use.

25 Scary Facts About Radiation in Our Everyday Lives
Most people are familiar with the dangers of radiation. However, there is and has been a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding its effects. A lot of it stems from radiation’s link to nuclear weapons. In fact, even the US government has made some very misleading statements about radiation in the past.

Court bans DOJ from prosecuting medical marijuana users, growers
(NaturalNews) Supporters of medical marijuana have gained an important victory with a federal appeals court ruling that prohibits the Department of Justice (DOJ) from prosecuting medical marijuana growers and users if no state laws are being breached.

Depression scam: Over 92% of antidepressants do not relieve symptoms
(NaturalNews) According to a study that is being referred to as one of the most comprehensive comparisons of commonly prescribed antidepressants so far, most of these drugs are ineffective and some might even be unsafe for children and teens who are suffering from major depression.

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