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If you’re RAPED by a Bill Clinton, the media will just claim you had a ‘relationship’ with him

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There are so many “open secrets” regarding the sexual conduct (and misconduct) of the “high-minded” governing elite in Washington, D.C., that it’s hard to keep up with all of them . One of the more lurid and troubling figures whose behavior is well-known to Washington insiders, as well as the generation of Americans who came to age during his term in office, is former President Bill Clinton.

Only, still to this day there are those who continue to deflect criticism of Clinton’s morose treatment of women both before he got to the White House and afterward. In fact, some downright defend him, and that includes most of the establishment media, primarily because they share similar political ideology.

Following the second presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald J. Trump, veteran CBS News journalist Bob Schieffer went off on Trump because he invited three women to the event who have made some pretty horrible claims against the former president.

“How have we come to this? This is supposed to be a campaign for the most powerful office of the land. Here we’re marching in women into the hall who [are] supposed to have some relationship with one of the candidate’s spouses. What’s that supposed to prove?” he lamented.

Schieffer went on to complain about Trump’s pledge to jail Clinton over her illegal use of a private email server to handle classified email, comparing such talk to that of a “banana republic,” and that he’s never seen a presidential election cycle like this.

Well, Bob, you sure are selective about your outrage, but given what we now know for certain about the establishment media’s collusion with Clinton’s candidacy , your phony outburst makes perfect sense.

First of all, it is perfectly acceptable in a bare-knuckles brawl of a campaign for Trump to have invited these victims. What’s it prove? That Bill Clinton is a lecherous dog and his wife has been covering for him for decades, all because she wants to be president. Charges by these woman include rape , Bob – is rape okay if you’re a politician with a “D” behind your name?

Secondly, we have to ask: Doesn’t Clinton’s criminal behavior, the collusion between your profession and her campaign, the fact that she says whatever her donors want, that her family foundation took money from regimes that punish gays and women, and that as secretary of state she allowed a potential nuclear enemy to gain control of over one-fifth of all U.S. strategic uranium reserves – while millions flowed to her foundation from concerned parties in the deal – bother you at all ? Even a little bit? Because it sure doesn’t seem like it.

Thirdly, did you ask, “How have we come to this?” regarding Bill and Hillary Clinton’s treatment of these women – as in, how could the country possibly elect and/or consider electing people of this low caliber? We’re waiting.

Phonies like Schieffer in the mainstream media can’t control Trump. They can’t influence him and have no sway over him, which is one reason why they hate him so much. And they’ll do anything to stop him, even gin up phony outrage if it means protecting real scumbags in the Democratic Party from well-earned scrutiny.


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