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Is Google using subliminal messaging to get votes for Hillary?

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It’s no secret that Google’s executives are in the tank for the Democratic Party and its presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. After all, Google executives and officials are such frequent visitors to the Barack Obama’s White House they average one per week . The former CEO of Google and now the head of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has also pledged his support to Clinton .

So it is reasonable to expect that the company would go out of its way, even subliminally, to ensure that more Americans are also in the tank for Clinton, which could help explain the Internet search giant’s Google Doodle on the day of the much-anticipated first debate between Clinton and her GOP nominee rival, Donald J. Trump .

In what is seemingly an innocent reminder for people to register to vote in the November elections, it is obvious that Google’s doodle designers put some time into the design – much more so than, say, Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day in the U.S., which are often only symbolized by a small yellow ribbon.

But is it really innocent? These facts, coupled with those above, make you wonder:

Trump has been rising in the polls in recent weeks, wiping out what initially looked like a cakewalk election for Clinton;
Clinton’s health has become a major issue after several incidents involving falls, inability to climb stairs and questionable mental conduct;
Some reliable sources that have been spot-on in the past predicting presidential outcomes are openly stating that Trump will be victorious Nov. 8.
Democratic voter registration is declining , though liberal media outlets are cherry-picking data to make it seem like things are better than they really are.
There is also this: Technology giants in Silicon Valley are so concerned with a Trump victory they are going all in (and all out) to invest in organizations and strategies that will help ensure a defeat. Tech blog Tech Crunch writer Kate Conger notes that Google – as well as other companies are launching voter registration efforts with less than 42 days left before the election and most voter registration deadlines coming in October.

“New tech-backed voting initiatives seem to be popping up every day, and, although most claim to be nonpartisan, it’s clear that Donald Trump’s unusual campaign has ignited investors and pushed them to act,” she wrote. “It’s clear that Silicon Valley is ready to spend on this election, whether by making big-dollar donations or by backing voter-registration initiatives. But it’s not certain how much impact competing VC-funded registration apps and initiatives will have on getting their (typically millennial) target audiences.”

For a media giant that is so in the tank for a particular party and its candidate, reminding more Americans to register to vote would certainly be of some benefit to the Democratic Party and Clinton. It’s just another way Google is trying to keep the country on its self-destructive course so it and the other uber-elitists can lead the revolution and install themselves as the ultimate power brokers.


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