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It’s Not What You Believe But What You Can Prove October 7, 2016

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Hosted by TMC & Dark
In this show TMC & Dark (Utah MTB) close out this week with a few topics that are over the top or are they? They touch on the latest flat earth,and move into humans will have sex more with robots by 2050. This is one crazy show.

Show Notes:


Obama admin wont fix the VA, but will spend tax dollars on transgender surgery for soldiers
(NaturalNews) If you needed further proof that every agency and institution under the left-wing lunacy of Barack Obama has been completely politicized, here it is: A cash-strapped Pentagon that is being forced to fund gender reassignment surgery for troops ‘confused’ about their sexual identity, even as scores of veterans continue to die waiting for treatment from the chronically broken VA medical system.

As reported by Circa, the Defense Department’s policy of paying for gender reassignment surgery kicked in a few days ago, and already some bean counters estimate the program could cost upwards of $8.4 million a year. And while that might not seem like much given the Pentagon’s annual budget of between $550-$580 billion, every penny counts where you’re trying to rebuild a military worn down by more than 15 years of never-ending war.

This Legislation Openly Initiates Violence on EVERYONE!
Many may think that when legislators institute “Gun Control” programs, it makes people MORE safe. But the opposite is true. Here’s EXACTLY why.

EPIC IDIOCY: NBC News journo Ron Allen announces that Obama’s climate change deal will stop hurricanes forever… even the hurricanes on Saturn?
(NaturalNews) Delusional democrats are doing everything in their power right now to link Hurricane Matthew to global warming, and the best example of the nonsense we’re witnessing on all this is found in a broadcast segment featuring NBC’s Ron Allen, a democrat operative who pretends to be a journalist.

While covering Obama’s comments on the Paris climate change agreement, Allen stated that Obama’s efforts were designed to stop hurricanes, as if somehow paying carbon taxes to Al Gore will halt the spinning of the Earth and the sun’s warming of the oceans — those are the two primary forces resulting in hurricanes, which exist on EVERY planet in the cosmos that has an atmosphere, a sun and some rotational momentum.

Flat Earth & The Double Cross

Other News

Yahoo said to be complicit in email scanning for U.S. intelligence
If you’re a Yahoo email user, you should be aware that in 2015 the web giant built a specialized piece of software to scan all incoming emails to all Yahoo mail accounts, searching for certain phrases and statements related to U.S. intelligence.

US Attorney General admits prescription painkillers are the gateway drug, not marijuana
For years advocates of legalizing marijuana for recreational use have emphatically stated that there is no evidence that suggests that pot serves as a “gateway drug” – that is, cannabis use leads to the abuse of other, more potent drugs.

Police state descends upon America as woman ordered at gunpoint to STOP PRAYING in her own home
It can’t be stated enough that there is an ever-growing sense of distrust surrounding law enforcement in the United States. Between the increasing number of questionable shootings of potentially unarmed individuals to the untested rape kits and the undeniable police brutality , it’s no surprise that Americans everywhere are continuing to grow more and more upset with police departments. Those who have been sworn to protect us continue to prove themselves untrustworthy, which expectedly has led to loads of conflict in the streets of America.

End of Humanity? New Report Reveals Humans will have Sex more with Robots then their Fellow Humans by 2050
The human race has evolved from a long process. Today, some secular philosophers consider this current human race to be the most advanced. However, many mystic philosophers dispute this assertion. Of course, we all agree that for what we can see from the natural world, this current human race has made a rapid progress in technology, at least since the start of the third millennia.

21 Reasons to Avoid Energy Drinks
Many young adults (18-35 y/o range) can be seen walking around holding a can of pure caffeine and sugar. More often than not these cans contain more than one serving and who really drinks only half a can? What is this doing to your health and could it have long term consequences?

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