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Johnny Berg New Single

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Johnny Berg is a singer-songwriter from Bergen, Norway who in 1995 bought a guitar on pure impulse just to learn some chords and play for fun. To his big surprise he discovered a talent for songwriting and singing.

Johnny BergAfter many years of songwriting and music only within the four walls of his home, Johnny decided to find out if his music could get a life out there in the world.

During 21 years of songwriting he has written more than 1.200 song ideas so far. The best of these song ideas will be released in the future together with new material.

The single “Hey Doll (Garden State Serenade)” by Johnny Berg is released worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and other digital music services. The song is airplayed on Asbury Music Radio in New Jersey.

The song is Johnny Berg’s tribute to New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen’s music and The E Street Band – which is music Johnny Berg from Bergen, Norway has been a passionate fan of since he was 14 years old and a state he has visited often the last twenty years.

The music video to the song is released worldwide on Johnny Berg’s YouTube- and Vimeo-channels. The music video is Video of the Month in the August-issue of New Jersey Stage magazine.

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