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Just Another Manic Monday August 22, 2016

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Hosted by TMC & Dark

Join  TMC and Dark for this episode of News U Can Use as they discuss a few topics such as What The Mainstream Media Has Hid From You…and don’t want you to find out. What is the reason you think the public is having so many different emotions and reactions to this?

Show Notes

Two Sunsets WTF
With all the geoengineering/chemtrailing going on it can get confusing just what are we seeing in the sky? In this video taken around 8:30 PM on 8-21-2016 at Fort Supply Lake in Oklahoma you can clearly see what appears to be two sunsets happening! My thought is all the metal particulates they are spraying in the sky is causing the sun to reflect or refract off them or are they hiding Nibiru?

Mainstream media in credibility collapse: In bid to destroy Trump, they have destroyed themselves!
(NaturalNews) One of the most remarkable observations of our time is how the things we’ve been saying in the independent media for years are now becoming mainstream. Case in point: Today’s op-ed piece by Michael Goodwin of the New York Post sounds almost exactly like something I would have written here on Natural News three years ago. When Michael Goodwin starts sounding like Mike Adams, you know history is being made right before your eyes.

Shocking: Helicopters Are Secretly Spraying Organic Gardens at Night (Video)
Proof of pesticide spraying, even on organic gardens, without the approval from owners or surrounding citizens…

World leaders may recommend vegan diet as part of plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions!
The number of vegans in the United States has nearly doubled in three years! The demand for meat has been steadily decreasing. The recent announcement from the World Health Organization reporting that processed meats are carcinogenic and lamb, beef, pork and veal are “probably carcinogenic” have lead to to more awareness about the health risks associated with eating meat.

7 Surprising Ways Dogs Can Help Kids With Autism
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the prevalence of autism among children in the United States since 2014 is one in every 68 children, showing a higher occurrence in boys compared to girls. The website also released results from a 2014 National Health review survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics among parents, stating that the prevalence of autism among kids aged 3-17 is one in every 45 children. These are both significant numbers showing the high frequency of the autism diagnosis in the United States alone.

Family wins $87M Settlement
(NaturalNews) What should have been a dream vacation ended up turning into an absolute nightmare for the Esmond family shortly after they arrived for a holiday in the Virgin Islands during March 2015. Steve Esmond, Theresa Devine and their two teenage sons, Sean and Ryan, became gravely ill after being exposed to a pesticide that was used illegally at the Sirenusa resort on St. John while the Esmonds were staying there. During their stay, two Terminix employees fumigated the villa beneath the one the Esmonds were residing in, using methyl bromide – a restricted-use pesticide which was banned by the EPA in 2005 except for agricultural use.

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