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Natural Remedies: You Are What You Eat September 27, 2016

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Hosted by TMC & Dark
In this show TMC & Dark (Utah MTB) Chit chat about all the great alternative options that are available to us. Helping us to get though all the crazy sickness that is spreading. Or let’s say they are pushing upon us. JD Oklahoma calls in on this show and gives us some of his thoughts into whats shacking things up…!

Show Notes:

14 Foods With The Highest Pesticide Residue
Eating unprocessed foods doesn’t guarantee good health. Most fresh and frozen foods contain pesticide residue. And research has linked pesticides found in foods to diseases like cancer, infertility and other health problems.The best way to avoid these side effects is to buy organic. Eating these foods frequently can do your body more harm than good. Here’s a list of foods with highest pesticide residue according to environmental working group (EWG).

France Is the First Country to Ban All Plastic Dishware
France leads the way by being the first country to initiate a widespread ban on plastic dishware. This is the country’s most recent effort to reduce pollution and be more environmental friendly. France will ban the sales of single-use plastic plates and cups unless the products are made of bio-sourced materials that can be composted in a domestic composting unit.

Ask Dr. Bob: Cod Liver Oil, Goiter(s), Uterus Fibroids, Losing Weight & Munchies
Dr. Bob answers your questions about oil (cod liver) and how it can help your brain’s output. He also talks about goiters (soy), and uterus fibroids (estrogen saturation). If you have a general health question, follow @DruglessDoctor on Twitter and tweet him with #AskDrBob. For more information, visit us at, you’ll be glad you did!

Natural Health 365 features Jonathan Landsman and Thomas Levy, MD
talking about how to safely and effectively eliminate the threat of viruses and inflammation – which is strongly associated with every known degenerative disease condition. In this video – you’ll discover what conventionally-trained physicians never learn about the power of vitamin C and its ability to kill every virus known to man. There’s no good reason why anyone should suffer from inflammation and lifestyle related health problems.

In Other News

The feeling of powerlessness in a world of corruption
I often wonder, when I am watching the news, or a documentary, what can I do to end all this misery? When again bombs are thrown, when people blow themselves up and take others with them, when refugees drown, or wash ashore, saved or to be left to their own fate, with little help moving forward, then I ask myself, what can I do?

Men suffering from anxiety are more likely to die of cancer
Men approaching middle age and who are hampered with chronic generalized anxiety disorder are more than two times as likely to succumb to cancer than men who don’t have that problem, according to new research. The same research study, however, did not find an increased risk of cancer death among women who suffer from severe anxiety. The study’s findings were presented recently at the European College of Neuropsychophmarcology’s Congress in Vienna, Austria. The study was the largest ever to examine the tie between cancer and anxiety, having tracked 15,938 British subjects over 40 years of age for 15 years.

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  1. Speaking of stress and cancer… there’s an excellent documentary called “Stress, Portrait of a Killer” by National Geographic. Just search YouTube or Google and you can find it.

    It’s very interesting to see how primates are affected by stress just like humans. The alpha males and pack leaders were under the way more stress and “amped” up all the time; they caught diseases way more often than the females and non-alpha males. Well, they eventually died off and the pack leaders changed over time to the ones that were under the least amount of stress. So, stress is definitely a killer. Try to avoid it in your life!

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