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In the NFL, injuries are very common. Opiates are commonly used for pain relief from serious injuries, but with opiate addiction at an all-time high, players are looking for something else.

A study funded by Constance Therapeutics and the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, which is focused on a group made up primarily of current and former NFL players, is investigating cannabis oil as a viable alternative to opiates.
In addition to pain relief, THC and CBD, the most well-studied active ingredients in cannabis, have been shown to inhibit the growth of malignant tumors. The benefits seem to weigh in favor of cannabis as a viable alternative to opiates, which are highly intoxicating and have been shown to be damaging to the central nervous system as well as disrupt respiratory and endocrine function.

However, the NFL does not currently allow its players to use cannabis due to an ongoing stigma about the the plant’s legal status.
Constance Finley, Founder of Constance Therapeutics, does not think that the stigma will survive long when the data is undeniable. “When we see NFL players able to use a medicine that doesn’t cause harm, that will help their functionality, we will see the stigma fall away very rapidly,” said Constance in response to the continued marginalization by the NFL.


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