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Are We Dead Yet: The Manufacturing of Fear September 26 2016

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Hosted by TMC & Dark
In this show TMC & Dark (Utah MTB) Have a great time sharing thoughts on bringing awareness to see through fabricated and deliberately placed lies in all types of media, corporations, religions, governments and so on.

Show Notes:

Fear Porn Isn’t Something New – George Carlin


Fear Porn Superstars

Avoid fear porn to attain a Higher Consciousness
The internet is a wonderful place full of alternative information, however; amongst this material is deliberately placed articles meant to misinform and thus disempower the spiritual seeker. Much like robocalls are made during election time in supposedly democratic countries; they are meant as a temporary distraction to keep one off balance in finding their true self.  Luckily however, unlike voting stations; the internet does not close for business at a certain time when one has gone to the wrong location to submit their ballot.

In Other News

Military whistleblower exposes existence of chemtrails
By now, if you’re a regular consumer of Alternative Media – and you should be if you value truth in reporting – you’ve learned about the phenomenon of chemtrails . As more time passes, we come to find out that not only are they a real thing, but that there is some sinister purpose behind them.

Pokemon Go now causing psychotic, mental breakdowns
First it was creative, then mildly entertaining, then it became a fad and now it’s just out of control: That addictive app/game known as Pokemon Go. How out of control? So much so that now players are going completely psychotic and are having to be restrained. No joke.

Are there any liquid coffee creamers left that are not loaded with cell-mutating ingredients?
(NaturalNews) Is coffee good or bad for you? That seems to be an intriguing question that rears its head whenever health enthusiasts begin a conversation about one of the most popular morning beverages known to the world. The answer depends on what you put in it, because a couple of cups of “bean water” with some pure ingredients certainly won’t put a damper on your day; in fact, it can be quite the healthy “booster shot” for anyone who pays attention to what they put in their body and who has a moderately active lifestyle. However, it’s easy to royally screw up a decent cup of coffee, and the majority of Americans do it every day, even people with good intentions. So, before you go out and dose your cup of “Joe” with toxins that cause short- and long-term health crises, know all the usual suspects.

California school invaded by medieval flesh rotting disease
An elementary school located about an hour outside of Los Angeles, California, is receiving a wave of unwanted media attention following reports that two students may have Hansen’s disease, more widely known as leprosy. On Friday, September 2, parents received a letter from Indian Hills Elementary School, warning them about two unconfirmed cases of leprosy, while offering information about the rare disease. The school is located in Jurupa Valley, and enrolls approximately 650 students.

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