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Mass awakening: Chuck Norris and other celebrities are speaking about chemtrails

by Damon Michaels in Chemtrails/GeoEngineering 0

By: Vicki Batts As time goes on, and the truth continues to trickle out, more and more celebrities are speaking out about chemtrails . The legend himself, Chuck Norris, has authored several aritcles about the existence of chemtrails and geoengineering. One of his most recent articles was an exclusive entitled, “Sky Criminals” and was published on . Norris explains that geoengineering is the process of man attempting to modify earth’s climate through artificial means. One technique for climate modification is to spray aerosols into the atmosphere. These sprays are what we call “chemtrails”. Norris questions the innocence of such endeavors and says, “But is the origin of it all so unintentional and innocent? Or are there deliberate sky criminals [...]

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