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Shelter in Place Little Rabbits October 14, 2016

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Hosted by TMC & Dark
In this show TMC & Dark (Utah MTB) decide it’s Friday and time to cover anything and everything. Rabbit holes can be confusing, typically one from which it is difficult to extricate oneself. So make sure you don’t go down that hole.

Show Notes: 

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Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025
2025 is a study designed to comply with a directive from the chief of staff of the Air Force to examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future. Presented on 17 June 1996, this report was produced in the Department of Defense school environment of academic freedom and in the interest of advancing concepts related to national defense. The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the United States government.

Chemtrail Law Passed In 1997

Batman takes to the streets to fight off ‘killer clowns’ in UK
An unnamed British man has been dressing up as Batman to fight off ‘killer clowns,‘ after the craze led to a series of injuries and seriously scared children. The man, who is offering his services on the Facebook page Cumbria Superheroes, has refused to identify himself, but has been caught on camera chasing after another man dressed as a clown.

Climate activists shut off oil pipelines which provide 15% of daily US consumption
Climate change activists shut off cross-border oil pipelines in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and Washington on Tuesday. The activists broke in to unguarded valve stations and shut off the flow of oil before being arrested. The pipelines have valve stations every 20 miles, many of them in remote locations and protected by nothing more than a locked fence. Reuters quotes a Canadian pipeline security specialist who says, given that there are 200,000 miles of pipelines in the U.S., it would be cost prohibitive to place round-the-clock guards at all of the possible places where a pipeline could be shut off.

In Others News:

Official U.N. news service called for Americans abroad to ‘end Trump,’ retracts tweet
The global elitist establishment continues to attack and attempt to destroy Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump , which is likely emboldening tens of millions of Americans to vote for him because each desperate act by the globalists reaffirms Trump’s “outsider” status. In recent days the official news service for the United Nations actually tweeted out a message that was quickly pulled, calling on “8 million Americans abroad” to “stop Trump,” Politico reported .

Leaked emails exposes stunning Clinton campaign conspiracy to maintain ‘unaware and compliant citizenry’
If you’re not following the shocking Wikileaks email dumps on John Podesta and the Clintons, you’re rapidly falling behind in U.S. history. Day after day, the email dumps have revealed astonishing, damning details about the dark tactics used by the Clintons to dumb down and control the masses.

Major Hillary Clinton medical update from prominent medical expert – was Clinton on a ‘drug holiday’?
Doctor Ted Noel, the same doctor that gave an amazing in-depth analysis of Hillary Clinton’s health, garnered from his 36 years of experience by using sources publicly available from news articles and videos, concluding that Clinton was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, racking up over 4 million views on his initial analysis , has now published his findings after watching all camera angles from the first presidential debate between Clinton and GOP nominee Donald Trump.

FDA approves deadly drug … even after debating its ‘effectiveness’
It is often difficult to understand why government bureaucracies do some of the things they do, and obviously that includes the Food and Drug Administration , the agency responsible for approving some of the most dangerous drugs ever marketed. In fact, the agency may just have done so again. As reported by medical website STAT , the FDA’s chief, Dr. Robert Califf, wants a study about a Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug called eteplirsen retracted because he believes it was misleading. The problem is, the drug has already been approved .

Chicagoland: Baby girl delivered after mother dies from gunshot wound
Whenever Chicago finds itself on the national news, there’s a very good chance that it’s for something horrific rather than for something inspirational or cheerful. Thus is once again the case with the following story, though there is thankfully a silver lining to it all in the end. After 23-year-old Crystal Myers was shot and killed on a front porch in Chicago — alongside her boyfriend, 24-year-old Albert Moore — by an unidentified suspect, all hope seemed lost for Myers’ unborn child. But since the baby was almost to term, it was delivered and now seems to be in good health despite the traumatic event.

Global elite scheming to avoid mass bank withdrawals by banning cash
At a recent meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations , a Harvard economist railed against the use of physical cash in amounts greater than 10 dollar bills. Also a member of the economic advisory panel of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Kenneth Rogoff argued that cash itself is no longer used for retail transactions, as those purchases are most often made using a debit or credit card. Instead, he reasons that cash is actually used mainly for criminal intent: tax evasion, drug and human trafficking, extortion, etc.

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