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The Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival 2017

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The Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival 2017
The Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival 2017

The aim of the Festival is to promote and circulate cinema and cutting-edge films, foster discussion between various branches of learning, and provide a space for the cinematic arts and other disciplines to engage with each other and grow.

Awards & Prizes

  • Best Film;
  • Best Director
  • Special Mentions
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Short Film
  • Best Short Film Student
  • Best Web Series

Rules & Terms

Films from all nations will be considered only if they have:
– a minimum length of 60 minutes for Feature Films (excluded are works already projected in any movie theater or who have had a distribution in Italy or abroad)
– a length of 30 minutes or less for Short Films
– any length for documentary
– a minimum length of 3 episodes for the web series.

Works accepted already screened at other festivals or have a distribution over the internet. If a film is selected, screening formats allowed are: mov, h264, mpeg4.
Other formats must be approved by the Festival Programming Office.
No rental fees will be paid for this section.

In case of selection, materials must be sent as following to the email address:
Trailer of the film for promotional purposes with English subtitles, mov, h264, mpeg4 formats;:
Film synopsis in English and Italian.
– Director’s biography in English and Italian (min 400/max 500 characters, spaces included). In English and Italian.
– Director’s filmography (list of titles and years of production) in English and Italian.
– Director’s statement in English and Italian.
– Photographic documentation with publishing authorization: 2 images of the film in JPEG format (for promotion on the web); Each photo should be labelled with the film title and a number (e.g. film_title1.jpg; film_title2.jpg).
– The photos will be published in color on the Festival website and in black and white on the Festival catalogue. It’s possible to send both color and black and white versions of the photos.


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