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What The Hell Are We Talking About – September 30, 2016

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Hosted by TMC & Dark
In this show TMC & Dark (Utah MTB) It’s a random show filled with all kinds of great topics. I think the big question that we found today was, who will buy Twitter? Which we were thinking who cares? After that we do cover things that may or may-not be helpful. Over all great show.

Show Notes: 

Google Might Buy Twitter!
Google and other companies have expressed interest in buying Twitter, though there have been no formal bids yet.

Rigged Debate: Who Is the Mystery Man Known as “The Cleaner”

The Presidential debate was clearly rigged from the start. Who is the mystery man seen removing papers from Hillary Clinton’s podium? Why was he greeting Bill and Hillary upon their arrival? Will we ever know the truth?

Must Watch! The Secret to All Science and Technology Revealed!
Don’t you hate it when you’re looking for secrets and the only ones you can find are the secrets to others peoples wealth, and it’s usually you? The Emerald tablet is probably the secret to end all secrets. Here it is decoded I think a little bit better than my last video. Researching Marijuana and Cannabis Hemp has truly revealed all things and as we all know, “all things will be known through Christ”.


Black Moon – Pakistan Readies For War – H5N1 Outbreak – Volcanic Awakening – FSS World News Update
Every day we will be producing a new World News Update segment. We hope that you’ll subscribe, like, and join us each day for news that you need and want!


Message to the American people
This clip has been uploaded hundreds of times. Help make it millions. Anonymous and many other channels have been using it for years.

In Other News

A rare black moon will rise Friday night
First we had a supermoon, then a blood moon and now a black moon. Yes, Friday night, we’ve got the extremely rare phenomenon of a black moon to enthrall sky-watchers. And it could bring with it worldwide destruction and the second coming of Jesus Christ, Christians and conspiracy theorists claim. So what’s going on?

Reeducating a Nation of Deplorables
A high school in Manville New Jersey has suspended a student for preparing an anti-gun control report for a home work project. In fact, the school has ordered the student to undergo a psychological evaluation because it is believed by the liberal left that any position contrary to theirs is a sign of mental illness.

U.S. citizens’ top fears revealed by university’s Survey of American Fears
What are average Americans most afraid of? In the 2015 Survey of American Fears conducted by Chapman University, a random sample of 1,541 adults from across the United States were asked to rate their level of fear about a variety of topics. The 10 major “domains” of fear included in the survey were crime, daily life, environment, government, judgment of others, man-made disasters, natural disasters, personal anxieties, personal future and technology.Rating their fear level on a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being “very afraid,” the survey results showed that Americans exhibited the highest levels of fear about man-made issues such as government corruption, terrorist attacks and intrusions into privacy.

After viewing officers gunning down a 6-year-old autistic boy in a police body cam video during court on Wednesday, a state judge released a heavily edited copy of the footage to the public. Although the officers claim that the boy’s father had used his vehicle as a deadly weapon against them, the video clearly shows the father with his hands up and his SUV parked during the fatal shooting.

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