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What’s Shakin’ in California?

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On September 27th of 2016 the state governor’s Director of Emergency services reminded Californians to be prepared for earthquakes with a recent swarm on Monday in the Salton Sea area. According to the main stream news, as of today, Southern California is still under an “earthquake watch.”

The Salton Sea is located to the southeast of Los Angeles and is located above a magma chamber which was declared still active as of 2012. The chamber is roughly 15 miles in length. It’s believed that if that San Andreas fault has significant movement the magma chamber could be disturbed, causing a volcanic eruption at Salton Sea volcano.

Dutchsinse covers the new swarm in one of his recent videos:

Additional information about the Salton Sea area:


Underneath the Salton Sea is a magma chamber supplying the lava source for the volcanoes that, in addition, heats brines found 1 to 1.5 miles deep below the earth’s surface up to 680 degrees Fahrenheit which are sourced for Imperial Valley’s geothermal plants—considered one of the largest geothermal potentials in the world. Currently, three major geothermal energy production sites are located north of Calipatria with the largest group of seven plants owned by CalEnergy.

Extracted super-heated brines produce steam that power electrical generators capable of producing enough electricity to power up to 100,000 homes. In addition, brines contain enormous amounts of mineral salts and metals, including copper, manganese, lithium and silver that can wreck havoc with the steam turbines. Impurities must be separated from the extracted fluid producing a toxic byproduct that must be injected back deep into the ground for disposal. An economic potential exists for those successful in separating the more valuable impurities such as lithium from the industrial waste products;  a commercial lithium mining start-up hatched by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is currently doing so near Brawley. Pilot projects harnessing geothermal technology for saltwater desalination are currently under development in an effort to curtain ever-increasing hypersalinity at the sea.


You can read the complete article about the Salton Sea in the link down below.

Governor’s Director of Emergency Services Reminds Californians to be Prepared for Earthquakes

Greetings from the Salton Sea


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