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Why You Should Have Duct Tape On You

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10 reasons why you should have duct tape on you (most of these could save your life)


It’s commonly said that duct tape can fix anything. While that is a humorous exaggeration of the tool’s versatility, it’s no joke that duct tape is one of the most reliable inventions out there. Should a societal collapse occur, having duct tape close by could heighten your chances of survival immensely. Here are ten ways:

duct-duck-tape1.) Create a rope
By rolling strips of duct tape into cylindrical pieces — and then taping them together — you can craft a reasonably reliable rope together. It won’t be as flexible as most cloth ropes, but it serves its purpose in a survival setting.

2.) Craft a weapon
Duct tape can be used to secure spears by taping stones, blades or other sharp objects to the end of a limb or piece of wood. Taping two objects together to create a weapon is a necessary tool to possess during an inevitable collapse.

3.) Keep yourself dry
Waterproofing your shoes and covering your legs with makeshift tarps or garbage bags can keep you dry should you need to cross a river or a wet area. Being covered in water — especially during the winter — would be devastating and dangerous.

4.) Patch your clothes up
Duct tape can be used to patch up holes and tears in clothing. In the wild, the last thing you want to be worried about is your clothing falling apart and leaving you exposed.

5.) Seal a wound
Without bandages readily available, duct tape can be used to seal up wounds tightly. It won’t be aesthetically pleasing, but this could be a matter of life and death.

6.) Catch bugs
Placing open strips of duct tape outside of your shelter can be used as makeshift flypaper. If you’re forced to live outdoors for an extended period of time, taking care of the bug problem would be of utmost importance.

7.) Restrain someone
After a societal collapse, tensions will be riding high all over the place and people will surely be acting erratically. Should you need to restrain someone, duct taping their wrists and ankles together will surely render them incapacitated.

8.) Secure a broken bone
Combining duct tape and a thick limb can serve as an effective splint to secure any broken bone you suffer from while out in the wilderness. Not taking care of a broken bone can lead to long-term health issues, so it’s important to secure it immediately.

9.) Create shelter
Taping tarps or garbage bags together and then taping that combination to secure tree limbs can be used as a makeshift shelter. Keeping dry and covered from the outside world is extremely necessary, so even though this shelter may look rough, it’s a valuable tool of survival.

10.) Cover a broken window
Should a window of your car or shelter be smashed out during the collapse, using duct tape to secure the hole would prevent air, liquids, and humans from passing through unnoticed.


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