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Is Modern Medicine At The Point of No Return – September 14, 2016

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Hosted by TMC & Dark
In this show TMC & Dark (Utah MTB) have a huge discussion on how both have points of view on Modern Medicine. They touch on hidden motives from the Big Pharma. They got to welcome the first live caller Sir as he shared his view on the subject and also gave some very good advice on natural medicine.

Show Notes:

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Science paper: The real purpose of modern medicine is ‘engineered genocide’ to reduce human population through covert infertility via vaccines, GMOs and drugs
(NaturalNews) A hugely important paper has just been published in the Epidemiology: Open Access science journal. It is authored by Kevin Mugur Galalae, Founder and Director of the Center of Global Consciousness in Ontario. In it, Galalae correctly points out that the entire medical-agricultural complex as it exists today is intentionally engineered to deliberately reduce human population. Overpopulation of the planet is a very real and very serious problem, he believes, but the current strategy of world governments to reduce human population via covert infertility, immune suppression and “death by medicine” is unethical and insufficient to achieve the desired level of depopulation.

Glyphosate (Roundup) From Wikipedia
Farmers quickly adopted glyphosate, especially after Monsanto introduced glyphosate-resistant Roundup Ready crops, enabling farmers to kill weeds without killing their crops. In 2007, glyphosate was the most used herbicide in the United States’ agricultural sector and the second-most used in home and garden, government and industry, and commerce.[4] By 2016 there was a 100-fold increase from the late 1970s in the frequency of applications and volumes of glyphosate-based herbicides (GBHs) applied, partly in response to the unprecedented global emergence and spread of glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Amy Hedtke addresses the Ellis County Texas commissioners court in regards to a proposed $70,000 salary increase for the country judge. The resolution passed unanimously and Judge Carol Bush will now make more than the Governor. More info here:

Collapse: Detroit hospital systems broken; no clean surgical instruments
Many people simply take it for granted that a hospital will have the necessary clean equipment on hand to deal with whatever situations might arise during surgery. However, an unusually high number of errors at The Detroit Medical Center’s Midtown hospitals is giving many patients pause.

Brazil admits Zika is not causing birth defects
Allegations made by the government and establishment media that birth defects in the form of microcephaly in the Americas are caused by the Zika virus are quickly waning. Doctors in Brazil are “quietly acknowledging” that Zika may not be responsible for causing birth defects after all.

CDC declares medical police state, announces power to detain the sick and punish those who do not comply
Sinister, hidden motives are being revealed at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The agency recently announced a new invasive plan for the “control of communicable diseases,” by detaining people suspected of being ill and then forcibly medicating them against their will.

Vaccine propaganda push sounds just like marijuana ‘reefer madness’ fear campaign of the 1960s
It’s appalling to look back into recent U.S. history and see how top-down, coordinated propaganda campaigns have led the people into a state of blind ignorance and obedience – so much so, in fact, that people persecute one another over something as natural and harmless as the cannabis plant.

Reverse the effects of a fatty diet with fish oil supplements
Fish oil has been held in high regard for its myriad of health benefits for a number of years now. Hearing it is good for you is really no surprise, but we are really just beginning to understand how beneficial it truly is. New research has revealed that fish oil supplements can actually help to reverse the effects of a high-fat diet.

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