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Order Follows: Is It Us vs Them? October 19, 2016

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In this show TMC & Dark (Utah MTB) touch on the “divide and conquer” subject that has been around for ages, most often connected with old military battles and the political systems. Breaking down and making barriers that need to be torn down and thrown away. The only solution to this is coming together in unity.

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What I Need

What to Say When the Police Tell You to Stop Filming Them
“Photography is a form of power, and people are loath to give up power, including police officers.” First of all, they shouldn’t ask. “As a basic principle, we can’t tell you to stop recording,” says Delroy Burton, chairman of D.C.’s metropolitan police union and a 21-year veteran on the force. “If you’re standing across the street videotaping, and I’m in a public place, carrying out my public functions, [then] I’m subject to recording, and there’s nothing legally the police officer can do to stop you from recording.”

Con: ObamaCare was designed to fail ON PURPOSE to usher in ‘single payer’ system
As far back as 2013, ObamaCare was already being lamented , even before it was set to trigger. Senator Orrin Hatch, a Republican from Utah, decried the system as a grand design that would eventually lead the rest of the country to become a single-payer system. In addition to the introduction of a bill to repeal the health insurance tax , Hatch also made a prediction that within a year democratic lawmakers would come to the conclusion that ObamaCare was not working and that the single-payer system would be the only possible solution. So far, it appears that the only thing that Orrin Hatch was incorrect about concerned the timeline of his prediction.

Marijuana doesn’t cause lung cancer or impair lung function
Lies regarding cannabis are nothing new, having been lurking around American society for nearly a century now, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying to hear. Especially when you consider the fact that these lies exist for the sole purpose of billionaires lining their pockets with more and more dirty money, they are incredibly upsetting.

The U.S. doesn’t know who fired missiles at ship, bombed Yemen anyway
This week, the United States attacked and destroyed a series of radar stations belonging to the Shi’ite Houthis in Yemen, along the Red Sea coast. This was described as retaliation for the missiles fired sort of near a US destroyer off shore, and presented as preventing future such strikes. Yet Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook admitted that the US still hasn’t actually made any determination who fired those missiles in the first place . It is unclear why they retaliated against the Houthis, who denied involvement…..

Obama’s race-fueled war on police nearly cost this Chicago cop her life
( ) For nearly eight years President Obama has used race as a means of attacking police, blaming every cop shooting of a black man – rare though they are, and most justified – as another opportunity to “prove” racism is inherent in America’s police departments. To most Americans that is, of course, an absurd premise. But it’s a narrative that has been picked up by other racialists and race-baiters in the Black Lives Matter movement and elsewhere to turn legitimate uses of force by police into a political football that many predicted would eventually lead to needless injury and death of cops too concerned about fallout to use force when necessary to protect themselves and the general public.

4 no-brainer ways to prevent dementia
When brain cells are damaged, dementia can result. This damage can cascade, causing an impairment when neural cells attempt to communicate with each other. Memory loss is just one symptom of dementia; others include difficulties with language and communication, visual perception, attention problems and troubles with focus, reason and judgment. reports that although “ Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60 – 80% of [dementia] cases,” dementia can also happen following a stroke, or be triggered by vitamin deficiencies or a thyroid problem, which may be reversible.

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