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The Crazy Is About To Start – November 4, 2016

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In this show TMC & Dark (Utah MTB) talk about nothing good is going to come of all of this dog and pony. The handwriting  goes like this: The country is deeply divided by schisms that cannot be bridged, every institution from the two parties to the mainstream media  has been tarnished.

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Musical Selection
Listen Up – Preacher
Goin Back To Texas – Randy Moore

URGENT! Obamas WARN Americans: DON’T Vote for Hillary!!!
Barack and Michelle both warn Americans that Hillary:

IEDs Are Soon Going To Be As Common In U.S. Cities As They Are In Iraq And Afghanistan
Millions of American and coalition troops who deployed to the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of war were told they were being sent over there so that the war on terror would not be fought over here, on our own streets. But thanks to the liberal immigration policies implemented by President Obama, Americans are now going to get to experience the war on terror first hand.

Humans are destroying the world; wildlife populations plunge 60% in just two generations
When you take a look at the Earth as a whole, people are responsible for the vast majority of its problems. From all of the pollution, to the terrorism and destruction, human beings do not treat our planet with the respect that it deserves. While it is easy to pass off these issues as not effecting us directly, our collective future will be abysmal if we don’t change the direction in which we’re headed.

‘Do Not Resist’ film reveals militarization of U.S. police
Oftentimes, documentaries are one of the most legitimate and honest forms of news coverage in modern America. Since the major mainstream media outlets are owned by big businesses, independent filmmakers have become a believable and reputable source of news in the United States. While there are still corrupt documentarians out there, there are much fewer than corrupt journalists.

Obama creating a Big Brother “community snitch” network to criminalize those who resist the regime
One of the most frustrating things about life in 2016 is the fascistic nature of the federal government. Given the fact that this country was founded on personal freedoms and, most importantly, the freedom of speech, it’s absolutely disgusting that the federal government has forced our nation to drift so far away from how our Founding Fathers envisioned it. The Land of the Free has become the Land of the Enslaved.

Bundy Brothers To Be Proscuted In Nevada Following Acquittal In Oregon
Ammon and Ryan have recently been released from the Multnomah County Jail following their acquittal on charges of leading an armed occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge, but they now face a number of new charges arising from an even that took place nearly two years ago.

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