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Will there be another Snowden? The watchers are now being watched

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It should come as no surprise at this point: the federal government is spying on all of us. Whether we’re persons of interest or not, they’re keeping tabs on regular, law-abiding citizens in an attempt to keep all of us enslaved under their ridiculous regime.

While the courageous whistleblower Edward Snowden was the first to expose the NSA for the corruption of spying on innocent Americans, it’s now looking as though he may not be the last.

Because now it seems as though the watchers are the ones being watched.

William Evanina, who once worked as the assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Washington, D.C., field office and was put on the Edward Snowden case, revealed that he believes that the NSA could now predict another Snowden situation before it came to fruition. Of course, believing themselves to be untouchable is exactly what got the NSA in such hot water all those years ago. When you think you’re above the law, you’re destined to find yourself getting a harsh reality check.

According to Patrick Tucker of The Atlantic , “Evanina says the intelligence community has grown much more adept at watching its people and data. But getting to this point has been a laborious process.” But what’s really stopping someone like Snowden from exposing more corruption within the federal government? What can these people really do to stop the truth from eventually being exposed?

Here’s hoping that these people continue to be exposed for their crimes against the citizens of our country. No person and no organization should be above the law, so the members of the NSA that have unconstitutionally spied on law-abiding Americans should be punished for their actions. This isn’t safe for anyone. None of us are free as long as we are constantly being watched by the powers that be. We are enslaved under their magnifying glasses.

If you ask me, the world could use a whole lot less corruption and a whole lot more Snowden. For liberty and justice for all.


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