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AI takeover: Google’s ‘DeepMind’ platform can learn and think on it’s own without human input

by Damon Michaels in Technology 0

By: D. Samuelson Deep learning, as explained by tech journalist Michael Copeland on, is the newest and most powerful computational development thus far. It combines all prior research in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. At its most fundamental level, Copeland explains, deep learning uses algorithms to peruse massive amounts of data, and then learn from that data to make decisions or predictions. The Defense Agency Advanced Project Research (DARPA), as Wired reports, calls this method “probabilistic programming.” Mimicking the human brain’s billions of neural connections by creating artificial neural networks was thought to be the path to AI in the early days, but it was too “computationally intensive.” It was the invention of Nvidia’s powerful graphics processing unit [...]

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