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Japan invests in $320M ‘Ice wall’ in an attempt to prevent disastrous escalation of radiation release

by Addison Green in News 0

by: Daniel Barker The Japanese government has invested 35 billion yen – roughly $320 million – in the construction of a massive underground “ice wall” at the Fukushima power plant, in a desperate effort to prevent groundwater from seeping into its damaged reactors. More than five years after the Fukushima incident occurred – an accident caused by an earthquake and resultant 45-foot tsunami that triggered a triple-meltdown at the plant – the government is still desperately trying to find a solution to an ongoing water contamination crisis at the ruined facility. The three damaged Fukushima reactors contain highly radioactive uranium fuel rods that have continued to contaminate groundwater flooding into the site (at the rate of nearly 40,000 gallons per [...]

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