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INSANITY: Manhattan aunt sues 12-year-old nephew for $100K after accidentally breaking her wrist

by Damon Michaels in News 0

By: Julie Wilson Just when you thought people couldn’t get any stupider, a Manhattan aunt is suing her nephew after he excitedly jumped into her arms four years ago when he was eight-years-old, breaking her wrist. Now the human resources manager wants the young boy to pay up! Jennifer Connell, 54, is seeking $127,000 in damages, claiming “little Sean Tarala, now 12, should have known better than to jump into her arms as a means of welcoming her to his birthday party in 2011,” reports“Jennifer Connell claims the boy, Sean Tarala of Westport, acted unreasonable when he leaped into her arms, causing her to fall on the ground and break her wrist four years ago. This week Connell is [...]

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